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ceanSide church of Christ
1025 Snug Harbor Court, Atlantic Beach FL 32233
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Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 AM
Sunday Morning Bible Class 11:15 AM
Sunday Evening Worship 5:30 PM
Wednesday Evening Bible Class 7:00 PM

Monthly member birthday recognition after evening services
A very special class designed for ladies of all ages.
Theme is Women of Renown
This is a study about women who were involved with great events and people scattered throughout the Old Testament
Men from the Arlington, Dean Road, and OceanSide congregations meet at Golden Coral for a belt bustin breakfast followed by a spiritually challenging discussion.
Prepare 2 Share Youth evangelism training at Lakeside church of Christ
Youth serving others by doing a project
A fun activity for OceanSide's youth
Devotional for the youth and young adults.
After evening services
TuesdayAug. 4
7:00 PM
Ladies Class
Aug. 7
Aug. 9
SaturdayAug. 15Service Project
SundayAug. 16Youth devotional
TuesdayAug. 18
7:00 PM
Ladies Class
FridayAug. 28Youth / Ice Skating
SaturdayAug. 29
8:00 AM
Men's Breakfast, OceanSide
SundayAug. 30Birthday Recognition
TuesdaySep. 1
7:00 PM
Ladies Class
SundaySep. 13Youth devotional
TuesdaySep. 15
7:00 PM
Ladies Class
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August 2, 2015

Joshua 4:24 - That all the people of the earth might know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty: that ye might fear the LORD your God for ever.

Thought: God desired that all people of the earth know about His power and reverence Him. Interestingly, He said the chances of this occurring will grow if parents teach their children about God. That is the context of this statement. This reminds us that evangelism starts in the home. We canít expect to just bring our children to church twice a week and for them to learn all they need to grow faithful and to teach others the gospel. We need to be studying the Bible every day in our homes. This is the real reason our nation is heading in the direction it is going. It isnít the fault of the education system nor is it the fault of false teachers. Their teaching would have little to no effect on a child who was properly taught in their own home. Start remembering today, if you havenít already, that the future of our children begins in the home.

Proverbs 22:6

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